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General Assembly 2022

November 11 – 13, 2022


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Welcome to the Graduate Women International 34th triennial General Assembly and Conference!

Graduate Women International is proud to be hosting the 34th triennial General Assembly and Conference virtually on 11-13 November 2022 in collaboration with the Indian Federation of University Women’s Associations.

Early Bird registration is only CHF 60 until 31 October 2022.  We invite you to register today for this exciting Renew and Rebuild Graduate Women International event! Beginning 1 November 2022 the regular registration fee will be CHF 75.

Under the theme, From Growth to Sustainability, the event will examine education and prepare participants to renew and rebuild Graduate Women International as a substantial contributor to the global, national and local acceleration and implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 4.

 The event will centre around five subthemes:

Theme 1:  The change we need: Youth as leaders/change makers for modern adaptability to achieve and implement SDG 4.

Theme 2: Graduate women at the grassroots level: Localizing the SDGs through capacity building, awareness raising, outreach, community dialog, data collection, training, and support. 

Theme 3: Addressing general and systemic inequality in education; developing and influencing policy.

Theme 4: Beyond the basic skills (reading, writing and arithmetic): Promotion of education for peace, health, civics, culture and the arts, ecology, and sports, social and vocational skills.

Theme 5: COVID-19: Compensating for the effects of COVID-19 on education for women and girls; how to adapt and move forward.

Interactive workshops, seminars and panelists will focus on the event theme and subthemes.  Sessions complementing the subthemes will be offered by experts from Graduate Women International membership as well as distinguished, international, and experienced speakers.

A detailed programme about the General Assembly and Conference will be published soon. Please check back in a few days!



Start: November 11, 2022
End: November 13, 2022
Graduate Women International

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