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GWI 33rd Triennial, Centenary Celebration and Conference

July 25 – 28, 2019

Registrations are closed

Peace through Education

Welcome to Geneva

"All roads lead to Geneva" welcome message from the GWI President
and the
"Small is beautiful" message from the Local Arrangements Chair

The GWI 33rd Triennial GA, Centenary Celebration and One-Day Conference will be held 25-28 July 2019 at the University of Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland. Early bird registration is open until 31 May 2019 for CHF 495, thereafter the registration price is CHF 560.The registration price includes the GWI General Assembly, Centenary Celebration, Conference and GWI Day. The Swiss Culture Night Dinner Cruise is limited to 300 guests (cost CHF100).

This major milestone event represents a new beginning for GWI, within a changing global landscape - one of strategic relationships with the United Nations (UN), knowledge competencies in global policies that widen the social and economic divide and advocacy for global and national governance that protect women’s and girls’ rights.

Our Theme “Peace through Education” reflects our deep-seated recognition of education, particularly education for women and girls as the cornerstone of peaceful, just and sustainable societies.

The GWI Board is pleased to recall the commitment and actions of our courageous, pioneering founding mothers with Co-Chairs Grace Hollett, President of Canadian Federation of University Women, Patrice Wellesley Cole, President British Federation of Graduate Women and Fay Weber, President Women Graduates-USA who have kindly agreed to Co-Chair our momentous celebration.

Grace Hollet,
Canadian Federation of University Women

Patrice Wollesley Cole,
British Federation of Women Graduates

Fay Weber,
Women Graduates-USA

The General Assembly (25 & 26 July) will be a time to reconnect with each other, elect 2019-2022 Board and Committee Members; report on the previous triennium; adopt resolutions that clarify our policy positions; and make organisational decisions that strengthen GWI.

Our Centenary Celebration (evening of 25 July) promises to inspire as our Honorary Co-Chairs and Committee inaugurate this milestone event. Entertainment and ceremony will accompany our re-dedication to friendship, mutual respect and women’s and girls’ right to education.

The "Peace through Education" Conference (27 July) features speakers who share their experiences and expertise in research, policy development and help us develop strategies to prioritise education, women and peace. Members will also provide workshops and seminars.

Our “GWI Day” (28 July) will help us assess women’s and girls’ rights in a changing global landscape, utilize information, strategies and inspiration from the previous three days to build a stronger, focused organisation.

Workshops, seminars and panels will respond to
one or more of the following five crosscutting sub-themes:

Education of women & girls to prevent conflicts

How can education advance the status of women and girls worldwide and work towards preventing conflicts, protect the most vulnerable populations and transform societies?

Growing curricula to support human rights

How can curricula grow and change to support human rights and deconstruct patriarchal and other societal paradigms to bring about a culture of peace and non-violence?

Living in a connected world

What does it mean to live in a connected world, two-thirds of which are in conflict and how does this impact on our daily lives?

Empowering young professionals

How can young professionals be empowered to understand and make connections between education, gender equality issues, culture change and environmental issues and what effects do these have on their careers, family lives and the planet?

Influencing global society

What can graduate women do to influence a global society, working at the intersection of education, peace, advocacy and action in local, national and global policies?


Start: July 25, 2019
End: July 28, 2019
Graduate Women International

Uni Mail, Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve, Geneva, Switzerland

Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve 40
1205 Geneva

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